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Control ADV7612 from Linux host using I2C

Question asked by pratesh on Feb 27, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2017 by larsc

We are using EVAL adv7612 adv7511 P board. We would like to use an external Linux Host (like Raspberry Pi or PandaBoard) with I2C interface for controlling the ADV7612 chip. Our main aim is to enable the ADV chip (from Linux host) to receive HDMI input. We are giving HDMI input to ADV from a DVB-C set-top box.

I have three questions regarding this:


  • Do we need only three connections between host and ADV chip [ i.e. pins of RPi I2C are connected to I2C pins of ADV7612 (exposed through jumper pins of board) as shown below ] or any extra connections are needed.
  • Are there any suitable Linux driver modules that we can inject into the kernel so that ADV chip gets initialized from Linux.  Do the drivers like in this LINK are of any help ?
  • AD also provides AD7612 receiver library source code API (LINK) . Will it be possible to modify and compile this code in Linux Host and use the generated executable to enable HDMI. We have done the same for microchip uC PIC18F45K20 but have little idea on how to modify for a LINUX host