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Semi Transparent OSD

Question asked by Saurabh_Namjoshi on Feb 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2017 by JeyasudhaMuthuPerumal


We are working on a project where adv7625 is configured using I2C/SPI as RX for Adv8005 & Adv 7619 is configured for external OSD overlay(ExOSD TTL). Adv8005 is working as a repeater.

I am having a customized board not an Adv8005 SMZ board, but the customized board is same as Adv8005 SMZ board, only difference is we have Adv7619 as EX-OSD source.

ADI reference code V1.90.2 is modified as per our requirement.

Currently Adv7625 & Adv8005 with Adv7619 as external OSD code is working fine.


I have some questions which are mentioned below.

1) We want to set Alpha(transparency) for particular location or for particular pixels/color, can this be acheived by setting some I2C/SPI registers of ADV7619 & ADV8005? As I see there is SPI API to set alpha, but this API sets alpha(transparency) for whole OSD.


2) We are planning to have a semi transparent OSD which will be rendered,this OSD has some part Opaque, some semi    transparent & some part would be transparent, Can this OSD be overlay on ADV7625 RX ?


3) I am also trying to configure ADV7619 for 16bit SDR.The registers are mentioned below

OP_CH_SEL = 0x00



RGB_OUT = 0x1


With this configuration OSD mixed with green color rendered on Display, snapshot of OSD attached with this post.


4) We have set OSD pipeline in PIP mode & OSD resolution is set as per rx resolution(Currently we only supports 1080/720/480p60 resolutions). There is some issue with color keying(transparent color) here. When rx & OSD resolution is set to 1080p60 color keying works fine, with other resolution it fails for instance if OSD resolution & rx resolution is 720p or 480p color keying fails. Can you help me on this issues.


Thanks & Regards,

Saurabh V. Namjoshi