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Question asked by eunho on Feb 27, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2017 by mcee

Hello guys~


I've got a question about AD9959.


I want to make the following waveform. (S0:Low freqeuncy, E0: High frequency) 


S0->E0 (very shortly)->S0 -> Off operation  (Amplitude Control Register  0x06[12]=1'b1 : Amplitude multiplier enable / 0x06[9:0]=10'b0; Amplitude scale factor =0)  -> S0->E0(very shortly) -> Off operation


i used linear sweep mode and made the time S0->E0 very shortly to make the waveform which of freqeuncy goes down.  This process is working well


The problem is  that after linear sweep operation, it dosen't work off operation.


but when i used  single ton mode, Off operation works well


how should i do??