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[ASK] ADF7021 (EVAL-ADF7021DBZ5)

Question asked by rhyando on Sep 21, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2011 by enash

Dear all,


I bought these components from analog devices :





I want to make transceiver based on these specifications :


1. Uplink frequency: 145.95 MHz

2. Downlink frequency: 436.9 MHz

3. Bandwidth: Uplink 10 KHz and Downlink 30 KHz

4. Baud rate: Uplink 1200 bps and Downlink 9600 bps

5. Modulation : FSK


The things that i want to ask are :

1. Can i make transceiver (145.95 MHz receiver and 436 MHz transmitter) with just one EVAL-ADF7021DBZ5 daughterboard ?

2. Can anyone show me the tutorial on how can i determine the supporting components (capacitor, inductor, and resistor) to make my EVAL-ADF7021DBZ5 work based on my specification state above ?


Please kindly reply my questions.

Urgently needed

Thank you.