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Question asked by hpkamen on Feb 26, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2017 by mhqyz
Dear Sir/Madam,
Please help check below issue.
Sil9134 HDMI out
Implementation: ADV7181D receives CVBS PAL (BGHID) signal, setting ADV7181D 8bit YCbCr output, setting the sil9134 as 576i and 8bit YCbCr input, setting the sil9134 as RGB output, but the screen appears offset and screen images appear blue vertical stripes on the left.
I am sure the video source is OK, because when I input video source to other monitors display, it work well. The configuration of the Sil9134 should be OK, because the configuration of sil9134 on the other boards has been validated.


ADV7181D register configuration is based on an official website to download "ADV7181D_ADV7181D@_ADV7341-VER.1.0c.txt" and "ADV7181D_Manual_Rev0.pdf" , and what I configured is shown below
ADV7181D_WriteByte(0x00, 0x0B);//CVBS input on AIN1
ADV7181D_WriteByte(0x03, 0x0C);//set out 8-bit @ LLC2 4:2:2
ADV7181D_WriteByte(0x04, 0x7D);//Enable HS、VS、F
ADV7181D_WriteByte(0x17, 0x41);//select SH1
ADV7181D_WriteByte(0x1D, 0x47);//Enable 28MHz Crystal
ADV7181D_WriteByte(0x31, 0x1A);//
ADV7181D_WriteByte(0x32, 0x81);//
ADV7181D_WriteByte(0x33, 0x84);//
ADV7181D_WriteByte(0x34, 0x00);//
ADV7181D_WriteByte(0x35, 0x00);//
ADV7181D_WriteByte(0x36, 0x7D);//
ADV7181D_WriteByte(0x37, 0xA1);//
ADV7181D_WriteByte(0xE8, 0x41);//
ADV7181D_WriteByte(0xE9, 0x84);//
ADV7181D_WriteByte(0xEA, 0x06);//
ADV7181D_WriteByte(0x3A, 0x17);//Set Latch Clock & power down ADC 1 & ADC2 & ADC3
ADV7181D_WriteByte(0x3B, 0x81);//Enable internal Bias
ADV7181D_WriteByte(0x3D, 0xA2);//MWE Enable Manual Window, Colour Kill Threshold to 2
ADV7181D_WriteByte(0x3E, 0x6A);//BLM optimisation
ADV7181D_WriteByte(0x3F, 0xA0);//RGB
ADV7181D_WriteByte(0x86, 0x0B);//Enable stdi_line_count_mode
ADV7181D_WriteByte(0xF3, 0x01);//Enable Anti Alias Filter on ADC0
ADV7181D_WriteByte(0xF9, 0x03);//Set max v lock range
ADV7181D_WriteByte(0x0E, 0x80);//ADI Recommended Setting
ADV7181D_WriteByte(0x52, 0x46);//ADI Recommended Setting
ADV7181D_WriteByte(0x54, 0x80);//ADI Recommended Setting
ADV7181D_WriteByte(0x7F, 0xFF);//ADI Recommended Setting
ADV7181D_WriteByte(0x81, 0x30);//ADI Recommended Setting
ADV7181D_WriteByte(0x90, 0xC9);//ADI Recommended Setting
ADV7181D_WriteByte(0x91, 0x40);//ADI Recommended Setting
ADV7181D_WriteByte(0x92, 0x3C);//ADI Recommended Setting
ADV7181D_WriteByte(0x93, 0xCA);//ADI Recommended Setting
ADV7181D_WriteByte(0x94, 0xD5);//ADI Recommended Setting
ADV7181D_WriteByte(0xB1, 0xFF);//ADI Recommended Setting
ADV7181D_WriteByte(0xB6, 0x08);//ADI Recommended Setting
ADV7181D_WriteByte(0xC0, 0x9A);//ADI Recommended Setting
ADV7181D_WriteByte(0xCF, 0x50);//ADI Recommended Setting
ADV7181D_WriteByte(0xD0, 0x4E);//ADI Recommended Setting
ADV7181D_WriteByte(0xD1, 0xB9);//ADI Recommended Setting
ADV7181D_WriteByte(0xD6, 0xDD);//ADI Recommended Setting
ADV7181D_WriteByte(0xD7, 0xE2);//ADI Recommended Setting
ADV7181D_WriteByte(0xE5, 0x51);//ADI Recommended Setting
ADV7181D_WriteByte(0xF6, 0x3B);//ADI Recommended Setting
ADV7181D_WriteByte(0x0E, 0x00);//ADI Recommended Setting

Normal screen is shown below:

复件 003.jpg

Problem the screen is  shown belwo
复件 001.jpg
Freerun mode picture (red marked part  shift to the right and also appears a blue vertical stripe):

复件 002.jpg

Please help solve it.