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No SPI Interrupt on ADICUP360 in Slave mode

Question asked by sierratelecom on Feb 25, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2017 by sierratelecom

I have written a couple of support routines to use the device in Slave SPI mode and as I could not get DMA to work I went to the byte by byte interrupt mode. I have attached the source file relevant. 

The basic set up is to first do a call to the routine init_system, followed by a call to SPI_int_init. Then the software alternates from setting up to read 3 bytes (SPI_read), command and args, and then either set up to receive more data or to transmit out a sequence based on the command received.

I see the CS being driven by my master and the slave always writes back 0s. The interrupt is never called and so I never get any received data. In the image below the from the top is SCKL, MISO, MOSI, CS. Clock is running at 1MHz

This pretty simple but failing somewhere in the configuration. 


Scope picture of data transfer


Any assistance would be appreciated.