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Parallel analog I/O for better performance?

Question asked by chmed on Feb 25, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2017 by chmed

This is primarily with regard to the ADAU1701.  Some of the high-end A/D convertors have an option to combine a pair of ADC together to improve SN and/or distortion performance and it has me wondering if the same would hold true for an all-in-one bug like the 1701.  If I recall correctly from one of the datasheets, the improvement in SN is on the order of almost 3db over a single ADC which sounds like the self noise is basically random between the two channels.  If the noise has some correlation (ps noise etc) then we would expect the advantage would be smaller.  Unless! the two inputs/outputs were used in a differential configuration.  It seems that this would be an ideal thing to do if there are inputs or outputs that would otherwise go unused.  So, my question is if there is a good probability that performance could improve by paralleling inputs and/or outputs?