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ADN8834 Digital PID Control

Question asked by devis on Feb 26, 2017

1,refer UG-858, :If the digital temperature control loop is used, configure the compensation amplifier as a unity-gain follower by connecting the OUT2 pin to IN2N, and then apply the control signal from a DAC to the IN2P input. Thus, the OUT2 pin voltage is equal to the DAC voltage at the IN2P pin, and the TEC driver outputs follow Equation 1 and Equation 2.


   so, VB=1.5VVDDD<4V, if Vout2=DAC output voltage, maxim 2.5VREF=2.5V),VLDR=1.5V-40(2.5V-1.25V)= -48.5V ? thanks.


2, If ADI have control algorithm with ADN8834  digital PID control? thanks.