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could use some help selecting microcontroller for ADF7242

Question asked by kosmotine on Sep 21, 2011
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hi, i'm currently trying to design a wireless system to transmit audio signal. it's my graduate project and i could use some insight if anyone can help. the idea is to use an ADC and feed the stream into a transmitter which then transmits the signal to a receiver which feeds it to DAC. the system need to work in real time or with least lag as possible. sounds simple enough but i'm sure it's much more complex then i think it is.


long story short. i already have selected most of the hardware i want to use. for ADC i want to use AD1871YRSZ and for transmitter i want to use ADF7242BCPZ. i understand i need a micro controller for ADF7242BCPZ, is there any controller anyone might suggest for my aplication. i would like to stay away from blackfin prossesors or complicated DSP's. unless that's the only way to make it work. could use any insight really.


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