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AD9361 Immediately update TPC Atten

Question asked by JoeLim on Feb 24, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2017 by sripad

Regarding for AD9361 ad9361_set_tx_atten() API, there are few steps are involved in.

  1. Write 0 @ 0x7C 1Byte
  2. Write atten. Data @ 0x76, 0x75, 0x74, 0x73 address so it is consecutive.
  3. Write 1 @ 0x7C again.


I'd like to know when Atten. data affected in the signal?


Is it when we write 1 @ 0x7C?

If so, are there no signal transition during we write data to 0x76~0x73?