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Send recorder audio samples to MCU

Question asked by davker on Feb 24, 2017



I need to record audio signal in DSP and send samples to microcontroller to be post-processed. I need all samples at DSP sampling frequency fs, but no need to get all samples in real time in MCU (sending samples buffer from DSP to uC can last several seconds if necessary). Recorded buffer must contain at least 3000 samples (at fs=48kHz).


Solution 1:

I saw in forum ( that I can read data through SPI/I2C using 'readback' block. But I need to get instantaneous value (all samples at fs), and I'm not sure about frequency at which 'readback' is updated.


Question1: is readback register updated at each new sample (at DSP sampling frequency)?

Question2: is it possible to generate interrupt signal from DSP to tell uC that new audio sample is ready?


Solution 2:

If readback isn't able to get each sample at DSP sampling frequency, then I could store my 3000 samples in buffer and read from uC directly in DSP memory through I2C(I don't need to read samples in real time, because uC is only doing post processing). Is that solution possible? Do you have or document describing how to do it?


Thank you.