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"Comms Failed" Error on Eval ADAU1442EBZ Rev. C

Question asked by kbug on Feb 23, 2017
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I’m having a problem connecting to a brand new evaluation board Eval ADAU144XEBZ Rev. C

I have a Win7 with Sigma Studio v 3.14 build 2 rev 1690, USB interface EVAL-ADUSB2EBZ connected to USB 2.0 – checked configuration on 2 different computers - no problem with USBi drivers installation whatsoever. I followed the quickstart instruction from the guide provided in UG-032 but I get the "comms failed" error problem when I click “Link Compile Download” after building schematics.


Comms Failed


In Hardware Configuration tab when I choose USBi communication interface, the USB field is green. It seems that I can connect to USB interface (I can clear E2PROM) but I can’t communicate with the board itself.




I compared the Switch & Jumper settings with the UG-032 documentation and there’s one thing that’s bothering me – lack of jumper block in link LK 27 and LK 24 on my board – is that normal, or faulty board?




Any ideas what can be wrong?