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ADE7816 EVB rms values

Question asked by Bhargavteja on Feb 23, 2017
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I am new to the Energy monitoring. I was using ADE7816 EVB to test the results. I obtained the following values when trying to read the registers :


Vrms = 327V

Irms = 2.55A

Vpeak = 439.88V

Ipeak = 3.45A

Frequency = 30 Hz


The formulae which I used for register value conversion were :


Vrms = (0.5 * VRMS /0x3FF6A6)*1000 ;  (1000 because of the voltage divider)

Irms = (0.5 * IRMS/0x3FF6A6)*(1000/15) ; (1000/15 because the Turns ratio : 1000 and Rb = 15 ohm)

Vpeak and Ipeak has same formulae as of Vrms and Irms.

Frequency was calculated from the formulae given in the user manual.


The Load used is a constant one(Electric Bulb) :

Voltage is 230V AC 50 Hz

Current is 1.8A  


But these results were not matched with the calculated ones. Is there any problem with my formulae or any other suggestions. Feel free to rectify me as I was new to this energy domain....