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Windows do not update USAGE STATISTICS on FAT32

Question asked by mratajczyk on Sep 20, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2013 by yunchangxiao



I have tried to use FSS volume usage statistics on SD Cards with BF548. It works good with FAT16, but I have problem with FAT32.


On FAT32 free clusters are updated correctly only when SD card is inserted first time. Then, writing file on SD in BF548 updates free space, but writes in PC with WIN7 do not update free space.


On FAT16 there is no such behaviour - writes on both Windows and BF548 gives correct free cluster size.


I think that Windows do not update FSINFO sector which is specific to FAT32.


Is there some possibility to force initial calculations of free space after inserting FAT32 card to BF548?


Thanks for your help,