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axi_ad9361 TX problem

Question asked by mn3pt on Feb 23, 2017
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I am using the Vivado AD9361 reference design with some modifications to support DMA from the PCIe bus. For the configuration of the components (DMAC, ad9361) I use the No-Os routines. So far so good. The RX work perfectly in both channels and I can configure the parameters of the AD9361 flawlessly.


However, the TX seems that does not work. I was wondering if the problem was due to the DMA, so I placed an ILA probe between the AD9361 and the util_dac_unpack. I found that the dac_valid signal for every IQ channel is ok, but the dac_enable is always zero for all IQ channels. Reading the DAC registers of the AD9361, get 1 for the RSTN and also 1 for the STATUS indicating that the core is up and no errors occurred.


Perhaps I am missing some register configuration during the initialization, but I need some help were to start looking for to get the dac_enable signal enabled.


Thanks in advance!