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New ADAU1777 vs ADAU1701?

Question asked by Skfir on Feb 22, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2017 by Skfir

Hello everybody! I am happy to be here again, after such long time... Many things have happened and hopefully I can now return to developing a new iteration of my ultrasonic device for visually impaired people. I have just noticed that there is a new processor - ADAU1777, which can digitize really high frequencies and yet has low greediness for power. So basically what I need is to be able to:
1. generate a high frequency (about 100khz) sweep sine wave

2. digitize a high freq analog signal (also about 100khz)

3. multiply the digitized signal by an internally generated sine signal.


Formerly I used adau1701, but it was several years ago, if you guys could let me know if:


1. the new adau1777 can do all those things? Adau1701 had 1024 instructions per sample, how many does adau1777 have?

2. as of today, is there any direct "upgrade" to adau1701, or it is still the best solution for the tasks described above?


Thank you guyz and I am happy to see all of you again