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How to handle static OSD on ADV7625?

Question asked by Keiichi.Okuji Employee on Feb 23, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2017 by Keiichi.Okuji

Hello video support team,


I'm supporting a customer who is evaluating ADV7625 on our evaluation board.

They would like to show the current HDMI input channel like "HDMI 1" on the

screen using OSD. They think static OSD is suitable this purpose however it

is not clear how to use static OSD in the manuals including "ADV7625

Framework User Guide", HW manual, SW manual etc.



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Could you provide a Blimp sample project file of static OSD  on ADV7625 for reference?


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How can I see the static OSD image on the screen?  I think it need to readout the image form flash  memory to store into the OSD RAM in the ADV7625, then to set some register to enable OSD. Sample script is better to understand how I should do.