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How to get real world power factor values

Question asked by on Feb 21, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2017 by dlath

Hello everyone,


I am working on 3 phase energy meter(ADE7880).

 I am doing energy calibration using energy registers.


1. In flow am not understood,  how checking of meter accuracy meet specification over PF.(marked with yellow color).

    I am directly reading APF register having 230 V source and 60 milli amp. current (resistive load 15 Watt) .

   APF = 0x7233  (29235).   Is this value is correct for resistive load? and How to convert this value into real world between    -1 to 1.


2.Currently am using Resistive  load(Bulb).

      when it is required xPHCAL calibration? Is it necessary phase calibration ?


Yellow marked: how to check meter accuracy over PF?