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AD9361 UHF Tx/Rx matching

Question asked by rojizor on Feb 21, 2017
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I am designing a UHF transceiver. I took the FMComms2 design as reference. Designing the reception chain, reading the UG-570, it said that reception impedance is around 200ohm for 435MHz. The balun for that band (HHM1591D1 - 350-470 MHz) recommended by Analog Devices is 50/100. I found a "bother" of the recommended balun that is perfect for that impendace, 50/200 (HHM1589E1 - 350-470MHz also). Which one should i use?


For transmission, UG-570 said that input impedance is always 50ohm. I couldn't find a balun with that impedance, then i understand that the recommended i probably the better one for that. Is this correct?


Thank you.