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Question asked by andreasm on Feb 20, 2017
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I'm hoping to use the ADAU1701 for DSP in active 2-way PA speakers. 


Although I have plenty of experience in passive and active speaker design, I'm new to DSP processing and integration. My previous experience with DSP is limited to using MiniDSP modules in active speaker designs.


I've read the documentation for ADAU1701 and understand it to the extent of my technical knowledge in this area - so in other words, I don't fully understand it.


What I'd like to do is integrate an ADAU1701 into a 2-way PA speaker. I have the following audio signal flow planned:


Balanced mono XLR input -> balanced to unbalanced converter -> DSP -> 2x power amplifiers.


In other words, I'm looking for a DSP module that can receive an unbalanced line level audio signal and then:
- split the input signal in two
- apply EQ
- apply HP and LP filters
- apply signal limiting
- send the two unbalanced line level signals out


Moreover, I'd like to be able to control the DSP very basically (i.e. to select between at least 2 pre-loaded presets) via some kind of external selector on the back of the speaker.


My understanding is that ADAU1701 is suited to this task. Is that correct? Is there a module that would be better suited to the application?


If ADAU1701 is the correct module for this application, could you please explain how I might be able to do this, and what auxiliary components I'd need to do it?


Apologies for the very open-ended question and many thanks.