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ver 1.1 IBIS model for ADuM3210

Question asked by Kaos on Feb 21, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2017 by Kaos

Person in charge for IBIS model !

Can you advise me for SIMILAR IBIS model ADuM3210 ?

I am still waiting.

Thanks Kaos



Dear Sir/Madam,


Our customer asked as following question.

Do you have the ver1.1 IBIS model for ADuM3210?

There is the ver 2.1 ONLY on your web page.

If you dont have it, then do you have the similar IBIS model that can apply for ver. 1.1?

The Or-cad ver 16.5 that is used by customer doesnt support ver 1.1 IBIS model.


Thanks Kaos