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The variation of ADuM3190 characteristic by aging

Question asked by takayuki-nozawa on Feb 21, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2017 by bkennedy

I have a question for aging degradation of ADuM3190 characteristic from the customer.


For example ,  the case of output gain from COMP to EAOUT on ADUM3190:

If this gain of one device is firstly 1.0 V/V, Does this characteristics change at the same condition after 5 years?

If so, How many is it changed?


The background is as follow.

Regarding ADuM3190, minimum value and maximum value for output gain from COMP to EAOUT and EAOUT2 is large.

So, the customer will use for Isolation amp with gain and offset calibration.

They are concerned how many characteristics of ADuM3190 change after years.


I assume that the specification do not change almost across the ages..(not change from 1.0 V/V to 1.17V/V)

And we will confirm detailed information to the customer (the background and method of calibration at temperature they think) .


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