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HMC7044 and HMC7043 clock tree architecture request

Question asked by AdiAdzik on Feb 20, 2017
Latest reply on May 3, 2017 by samsaman

Hello Dear Kazim,


We are about to design a system with 12 pcs of AD9656 ADC converters.

I have found your suggestion/advice/recommendation to create a cascaded Clock distribution

network with single HMC7044 and multiple HMC7043 chips at… 

This solution seems to me an elegant way to create the clock network too. 


Is it possible to find somewhere a ZIP file with evaluation board design files (Schematic/Gerber etc.)

of the board shown on Figure 4 ??? This would allow me to familiarize with the proper connections 

between HMC7044 and HMC7043 chips as well as proper PCB layout and routing reguirements.


Could you please send me a link to ZIP file, or send it to my email address directly? I would realy appreciate

your help. I am not sure I can write my email address here (is it allowed or not?). If so, I will write it next time... ;o)


 Best Regards