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sdp-cb1z usb detect problem

Question asked by Hyunki.jeong on Feb 20, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2017 by msamera

Hello, I'm a student.

I have EVAL-AD5761RSDZ and SDP-CB1Z . 

I have a problem with the SDP-CB1Z.


1. I Install it from the CD in the evaluation board package

2. The programs have been installed. (Labview~, AD5761R, ADI SDP Driver~)

3. but, When we connected usb to sdp-cb1z board and PC, I could see the following message.

* So far I have tried to install on three PCs. (Win XP sp2 32b, win7 64b, etc.), but I could see the same message....T_T

** I also installed the latest SDP driver.()


Help me...plz save me ...T_T