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AD5676:software reset

Question asked by ysuzuki on Feb 20, 2017
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I have a question about software reset for AD5676.
I sent "software reset"(0x6000) to AD5676, but the AD5676 did not move to reset condition.


Please see the attached file.
These waveforms are SPI communication between PC and AD5676.

 D0 : /CS

 D1 : /SCLK

 D2 : MOSI

 D3 : /LDAC


I operated AD5676 as followings.

1. I set RSTSEL connect to Vlogic before sending software reset command.
   (It is set to midscale while reset)
2. I sent 0x3FFFF to set full scale output.
3. Then, I sent 0x6000 to reset AD5676.


I expected the output voltage move to VREF(2.5V)/2, but the output level stay full scale.
Do I need more settings to execute software reset ?


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