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AD5410 Iout Fault

Question asked by sonocide6 on Feb 19, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2017 by sonocide6

I've got an AD5410 set up essentially as described in AN-1242 with the exception of running the R3SENSE and BOOST outputs back to my microcontroller ADCs for feedback and that I've tied CLEAR to GND.  AVDD = 24Vdc.  


For test purposes, I've tried reading the output current between Iout and GND directly with a multimeter and have inserted a resistor between  Iout and GND and and seeing maybe 1mA of current no matter what I put in the data register.


I'm having success communicating with the AD5410 but am continually seeing the Iout fault bit set in the status register.  Below is the sequence I'm using in software (I've inserted delays per the timing minimums given in the datasheet).  Any insight you can provide on why I may be seeing this fault would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance for your help!


Power on


Reset write: 0x56, 0b00000000, 0b00000001


Control write: 0x55, 0b00010000, 0b00000101 (no ext. resistor, output enabled, no SR control, no daisy chain, OP range 4-20mA)


Readback control register: 0b00000010, 0b00000000, 0b00000010  (Result = 0b00000000, 0b00010000, 0b00000101) (correct)


Write 100/4095 to data register: 0x01, 0b00000110, 0b0100000


Readback data register: 0b00000010, 0b00000000, 0b00000001  (Result = 0b10000000, 0b00000110, 0b01000000) (correct)


Readback status register:  0b00000010, 0b00000000, 0b00000000  (Result = 0b00000000, 0b00000000, 0b00000100) (Iout fault)