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ad9371/zc706 HDL ref design git version for 2016_R1 Linux release

Question asked by rwhunter on Feb 17, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2017 by rwhunter

We are using the adrv9371 connected to the zc706 board. We have downloaded the 23 December 2016 release (2016_R1)  Linux Image from here:

It is working fine out of the box for us, but we want to rebuild the zc706 fpga exactly as it is, verify that it still functions correctly, then create a custom fpga image at that point.

In the download above, it contains a file build_info.txt that shows the following for the git hdl used:

HDL SHA:a72873980715a0893c6425bcf850639f468f3124
HDL branch:hdl_2016_r1
However, that version of the git hdl does not include a project/adrv9371x/zc706 directory. So, I have two questions.
First, If I want to rebuild the fpga bitstream for the ad9371/zc706 combo that is the exact one that is being used for the 2016_R1 Linux release, which hdl git hash would this be?
Secondly, I would like to be able to recreate the BOOT.BIN once I have the new bitstream. I cannot seem to find a directory of the type bootgen_sysfiles.tgz for the 9371 (I have found these for other projects). This directory should contain the .elf, .bif, etc. to be able to recreate the BOOT.BIN file once I have the new bitstream.
Thanks in advance for your help,