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high speed pulses with AD8009an in ADIsimPE

Question asked by Dilletant on Feb 17, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2017 by Dilletant

Hi all,


I am trying to simulate high speed pulses with AD8009an.

Input signal are short pulses 500ps rise time, 500ps width, 8ns fall time, 12,5ns period (red trace).

I want the signal to be amplified (gain 2) and offset to be symmetrical to 0V.

The output is not quite what I would have expected...non-inverting ad8009, gain2, fast pulses


Even if I reduce speed, the result is not what I would expect from theory.

The offset is not as predicted. An offset of -1V should be added, but the simulation says its less:

non-inverting ad8009, gain2, slower pulses


I tried LMH6702 which should have even greater bandwidth, but results are even worse:

non inverting LMH6702, fast pulses


Is this a problem with ADIsim or is the Opamp not suited for this purpose?