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Continuous K28.5 characters transmit

Question asked by Rekha on Feb 16, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2017 by UmeshJ


We are performing integration tests with two boards, ADC board + Kintex 7 FPGA board (file attached). We have issues in observing receive data at JESD204 RX IP core. We are troubleshooting at the two boards. Please help me with the following :

First I'd like to transmit continuous K28.5 characters from AD9234. 

SPI_Write(SlaveSelect, 0x571, 0x94); 

SPI_Write(SlaveSelect, 0x572, 0x80); //ignore SYNCINB and force CGS

With the above register settings, I'm not able to receive 0xBCBCBCBC at parallel data output of JESD204 RX IP core. 


How to confirm that the ADC is transmitting valid K28.5 characters. If there is any other register to configure, please specify. 


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