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ADA4961 & low pass filter driving the A/D AD9625

Question asked by Chippa on Feb 16, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2017 by RReeder

I have a requirement to put a 800 MHZ low pass filter in front of the AD9625. However there are no simulation files available for this as yet. So I took the example from the ADA4961 data sheet on page 18 and intend to modify it like the attachment I put on here.


I plan on changing the 2nh inductor to 6.8nh, and put another 4.0 pf capacitor in front the A/D9625 a total cap of 4.0 +1.5 = 5.5.


Also input voltages at the input of the (Left side) Band Pass filter will be 5VPP,2VPP, and 0.5VPP.


Do ya think this will work? Or am I not taking into account probable parasitic capacitance.