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How to set the ADXL355 INT1 active?

Question asked by qoolink on Feb 15, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2017 by qoolink

How to set the INT1 active?

I want to get INT 1 active low,when X,Y,Z axis above to 0x00010 (ADXL355_REG_THRESH_H <<8 | ADXL355_REG_THRESH_L).


but I can't get INT 1 interrupt signal.


It's my setting flow:


ADXL345_Write(ADXL355_REG_POWER_CTL,0x01);    //set standby mode(0x2D)
ADXL345_Write(ADXL355_REG_ACT_EN,0x07);           //ACT_X,Y,Z enable (0x24)
ADXL345_Write(ADXL355_REG_ACT_COUNT,0x01);    //(0x27)
ADXL345_Write(ADXL355_REG_FILTER,0x00);             //no high-pass filter enable (0x28)
ADXL345_Write(ADXL355_REG_INT_MAP,0x08);       //enable ACT_EN1 (0x2A)
ADXL345_Write(ADXL355_REG_RANG,0x81);                //INT1 active Low,2g(0x2C)

ADXL345_Write(ADXL355_REG_THRESH_H,0x00);      // (0x25)
ADXL345_Write(ADXL355_REG_THRESH_L,0x01);       //(0x26)

 ADXL345_Write(ADXL355_REG_POWER_CTL,0x00);    //set measurement mode(0x2D)