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AD9144 CVDD / PVDD concerns

Question asked by DamPL Employee on Feb 16, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2017 by MicheleV

AD9144 @ max DAC update rate

According to datasheet rev A page 7 tables 3 and 4 -> DVDD, CVDD and SVDD should be increased to 1.3V BUT  table 1 (p5) indicates for CVDD and PVDD  max range 1.14 – 1.26V


On top of this table 64 (p63) note 2 we can find info about possible combining of PVDD and CVDD – so increasing both out of the recommended range to 1.3V (while max 1.26V)


Could you reconfirm that

1) It is correct to have 1.3V @ CVDD

2) It is correct to supply PVDD with 1,3V just combining it with CVDD