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ADV7511 DE,Sync Generation

Question asked by ByungJunKim on Feb 16, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2017 by GuenterL

Hi, I'm a beginner for dealing with FPGA.


I wanna use ADV7511 as HDMI transmitter.


When I'm reading programming guide for ADV7511, I had a question.


In the schematic of page 53 of programming guide, there is a small table for Mux input of EAV/SAV decoder.


0x15[3:1]     Mux Input

000                  0 

001                  0

010                  1

011                  0

100                  1

110                  0

111                  0


As I understood, this table means, the most left mux of the schematic distinguishes whether the incoming signal is separate or embedded signal.


I have input of 4:2:2 16bit Ycbcr SDR embedded (165MHz) signal.


For this signal I shoud set my 0x15[3:0](register) value as 0010


But in the schematic of 53 page, When the 0x15[3:1] value is 001, Mux Input selects not EAV/SAV decoder output but the other one.


Am I understanding the page incorrectly?