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AD7641 EVAL Board clipping and software issues

Question asked by ML_stud on Feb 15, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2017 by Gnib

Dear all,


I have set up the EVAL-AD76XXEDZ with the AD7641 and the EVAL-CED1Z. When I am trying to measure a signal with the EVAL-PulSAR-CED software, I am getting this output:

The signal parameters are:

  • AWG: Agilent 33120A
  • Vpp = 5,063V
  • V_Offset = -1,2V
  • f = 40,4Hz
  • CLOCK: INT. (EvalBoard)
  • The second differential input is connected to AGND


My questions are:

  What is the reason for the "clipping" at approx. 1,5V?


And consequently:

  1. How reliable is the Eval (I think there have occured some differences between the spectrum and scope waveform)
  2. Are there any possibilities to get the pure digital codes quickly?


Thanks a lot in advance
Best regards