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Crosstalk in Multichannel DAC AD5755 ?

Question asked by VAV on Sep 19, 2011
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I have following doubts related to crosstalk in DAC AD5755 :-


1.  What is the DC crosstalk when using the external Rset resister, and by how much amout crosstalk increases if all other channel value increases from zero

     to full scale ?


The DC Crosstalk mentioned in the Datasheet is 24uV .


2.Does it mean that 24uV is the maximum change observerd in the voltage outputs ,when  outputs from other surrounding  DAC Channels ( one at a time or all at

   a time )  are changed from zeero to full scale ?


3. How to calculate the effect of crosstalk on the accuracy of DAC outputs ?

Is it like for small magnitude outputs accuracy is less because of crosstalk ? Please correct me if i am wrong ?


Regards !!