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zcu102 FMCOMMS2/5 reference design in Vivado 2016.3/4

Question asked by njp on Feb 14, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2017 by charlyelkhoury


Has anyone had success updating the FMCOMMS2 or FMCOMMS5 design on the zcu102 to Vivado 2016.3 or 2016.4? Xilinx introduced new features in 2016.3 (I've been told the FSBL updates are required for dynamic devicetree support), but whether through Xilinx's autoupgrade or manually setting the the Zynq component through the GUI, I always get errors probing (eg DRP unlocked or sometimes product ID = 0x00 for one of the two 9361s on the FMCOMMS5).


I have a perfectly working FMCOMMS5 design on the ZCU102 with Vivado 2016.2, but when trying to just updatedthe bitstream and FSBL (and PMU firmware and ARM trust binary)  to the next Vivado it breaks. I'm using the same devicetree and kernel across versions.


I've also tried mixing and matching bitstreams and FSBLs from the different Vivado versions without any luck.