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Which branch of Linux supports AD9361 with Linux 4.1?

Question asked by rsilagi on Feb 14, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2017 by rsilagi

I'm trying to compile the device driver for the AD9316 with Linux 4.1.  I'm required to use this kernel due to the CPU we are using.  I have downloaded 3 branches from  The branches are: xcomm_zynq, xcomm_zynq_4_0,  and xcomm_zynq_4_4.  These all seem to be a mix of different version of Linux, mostly 4.5 and above.  My statement about being mixed is based on  and then using the pull down menu to select different version.    The only released version of analogdevicesinct/Linux is from 2013 and does not have the 9361.  Any ideas or suggestions will be appreciated.


Randy S.