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BTC logging logs only half of the data

Question asked by Rai on Sep 19, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2011 by CraigG

I'm trying to log data using the BTC plot facility in VDSP++. However, it appears that only half of the data from each plot (or, equivalently, each call to "btc_write_array()") are stored to the file file.

I've attached som screenshots. They show that 500 samples are plotted as a nice continuous curve in the VDSP plot window, while the stored data have glitches every 250 samples. The same pattern occurs if I change the number of samples sent to "btc_write_array".  I'm using short (16-bit) values in the plot.

Any help with this?


My system:

BF561 with  HPUSB-ICE emulator

VDSP++ 5.0 update 9


I also see a couple of other glitches: When the plot window is floated in the main window (not docked), the record/stop/etc buttons are greyed out and cannot be enabled.  Also I can't seem to play back recorded files.