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Sweeping TX I/Q imbalance by stepping through RX NCO phase offset values

Question asked by on Feb 13, 2017
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I have Zedboard + ADFMCOMMS2 platform. I would like to sweep TX IQ imbalance by manually stepping through RX NCO phase offset values from 0 to 31. I want to do this manually so I can determine how much IQ imbalance is needed to fail the 3GPP WCDMA relative code domain error requirement. On legacy platform, there is an option to run scripts (see attached picture), sequence of low level SPI reads/writes to AD9361 chip registers. Is there a similar thing in IIO scope? Is it possible to write to individual chip registers or run scripts? Can I accomplish my task in another way? I do see "manual_tx_quad" and "tx_quad" options in calibration mode field, but don't know how to use these options. Please help in this regard. Thanks.