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AD9371 TES connection problem

Question asked by aj@tlr on Feb 13, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2017 by aj@tlr

I have a problem with communication between 2.0.56 AD9371 TES and ZC706 rev B (old one) EV board.

After press on Connect button TES scans SD card, stops in the middle and shows Platform problem:Please reboot Zynq.

I tried 3 SD file sets: Apr 2016(came with AD9371 EV board), Nov 2016 and image from the TES Resources/


The ps -ef | grep cmd shows that cmd_server is running. After pkill and re-activating cmd_server reports Server-Using and port 55555 and freezes. It returns to the prompt after SD card is scanned again by the TES.


I tried 2 ZC706 rev B boards - same results. TES re-launch does not help.

Pings are OK, Embedded OS with display, keyboard and mouse also works.


Are there board version restrictions in the code? Can any AES key backed by a B1 battery be a problem?