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ADAU1761 no sound

Question asked by Def on Feb 13, 2017
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I'm using it on my own board with ADAU1761 and MCU (STM32L476) configured as master. The idea is to play and record 22.05kHz audio. I made a simple schematic in SigmaStudio to check if ADAU1761 is working (see image below). Sine tone is generated and sent to DAC0 and DAC1 but there is no audio on the outputs. Using this presentation I managed to send SigmaStudio exported data via I2C to ADAU1761. LOUTP and LOUTN are connected to external speaker with amplifier (SSM2305), RHP and LHP are connected to headphone jack (I'm not using capless configuration). Clock source is MCLK from MCU, 5.647MHz (~256 x fs). I'm also using serial interface in full-duplex mode (I also tried to send sine tone though DIG0 and DIG1). PLL is set to: X = 1, R = 8 to get >41MHz clock, input master clock freq is 1024 x fs. I'm really confused with PLL and MCLK. I also used USBi to load SigmaStudio data, so I think it's not I2C fault. I attach full project from SigmaStudio.