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Half Bridge CN0196      FH.

Question asked by Ignatia on Feb 13, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2017 by Walt_Kester

HI, two questions:

I have bought  two boards EVAL-CN0196-EB1Z Half Bridge and AMuD7061-MKZ and I am for testing now according to the Operation Guide:

  1. On the side 6 Point 5 there are the Isolated PWM Pulse Check on PWM_Q4 and PWM_Q3 and  I would like to know the Connection Pins with the nummers for the ground and on wich boards there are for connecting the oscilloscope.
  2. The inductor load is connecting on pin OUT1 and OUT2 and in which range  in Henry (H) or MilliHenry (mH) is the best for the function for the CN0196.