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ADF4350 Phase noise

Question asked by lotus on Sep 18, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2011 by lotus

Dear Sir:

I designed ADF4350 Synthesizer (my own PCB) to synthesize 1G Hz using the example in UG-110.pdf.  VCO freqncy is 4G and I am using RF divide by 4 to generate 1G.


N = 400,

Ref_in = 10M Hz.


I used Agilent E4420B to generate 10M Hz as referenc input.  I got the Phase Lock and 1G Hz output.  However, I could not get a good phase noise plot.  You can see that I got about -60 dBc/Hz for the 1G output.  The Phase noise for the 10M Ref is also in the plot.


I attach the plot of spectrum analyzer and phase noise plot for 1G Hz output for your review.


Could you verify my results please?


Best regards,