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Can ADXL345 be used to detect the direction of a large impact?

Question asked by AnkitP on Feb 12, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2017 by AnkitP

Hello Team,


We have around 5000+ devices in the field with ADXL345 accelerometer. This module and our firmware enables us to measure scenarios like harsh braking, acceleration, cornering for various classes of cars. We also use it for tilt sensing. All this works well but we can't accurately deduce the direction of impact in case of a large impact 3G and above.

I would like to start a conversion to understand if ADXL 345 is capable of achieving this outcome?


Please note that there is no compass or gyro in our design. Deduction of direction solely depends on the data output of ADXL345. We notice that the values bounce a lot in either directions of an axis while testing. Output rate is set at 800Hz.


Also we are relying on raw sample to determine the direction whereas behacioral data is filtered before evaluation to suppress spikes.