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ADE7953: Active energy register not working

Question asked by Quino on Feb 12, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2017 by Quino

I have designed a metering device using an ADE7953 with a rogowski coil. My main Microcontroller (ARM M0+) can succesfully communicate and read electrical information from the ADE IC. 


I have had no big issues, and I have found that the  ADE7953 IC is really robust and very easy to get started with.


I can succesfully read Voltage, Ampere, reactive/Apparent power, but there is something wrong with the Active power and the power factor. These are some measurements/registers I can read: 


VRMS (0x31C) - IRMSA (0x31A) - PFA(0x10A) - AWATT(0x312) - AVAR(0x314) - AVA (0x310)

5696512    186153    0         168         61989              63209   
223.13V     1.82A      0.00    4.02W     1466.26Var     1494.73VA

5697412    185602    0         183         61868              63017
222.89V     1.82A      0.00    4.19W     1463.14Var     1491.47VA

5682620    185196    0         159         61597              62762
222.57V     1.81A      0.00    3.86W     1456.87Var     1484.85VA

5680437    185192    0         208         61530              62691
222.25V     1.81A      0.00    4.78W     1455.26Var     1482.55VA


First line is the register measurement, and second line is the real value after calibration. I am measuring from an electrical heater, therefore the reactive power should be small. 


I can see the following:

  • Mesurement are stable, except the Active power (AWATT)
  • Power factor is always cero. PFA register is a signed 16 bits, maybe the No-Load detection is activated?
  • There seems to be something wrong with the active power, there is not a stable reading, and it decreases when I consumes more power.
  • Reactive and apparent are stable and high enough


I have doublechecked that the registers are correct, but I am now stuck. Can you help me?