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HDMI rx config in ADV7604

Question asked by ces.gz on Sep 16, 2011
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I am testing the ADV7604 with HDMI input at 1080p30.

Initially we have been working with a Blackmagic converter box to feed the HDMI input to the ADV7604, and we were successful in configuring the registers to get the video. The working configuration is in the attached file. We have mostly followed the recommendations in the manuals. In particular PRIM_MODE is 0x06 and VID_STD is 0x02. The internal EDID is downloaded into the 7604.


Now we are trying to work with live capture thorough cameras with HDMI output, and we are testing a cheap one from Sony, but providing in any case 1080p30 HDMI output which works perfectly on all monitors and screens we tested.

There is audio with that, that is not present in the blackmagic box. Now, the settings we use do not seem to be good anymore and there is no capture at all. We have tried to change from graphic to video modes, in this case there is a blue screen when the camera is not plugged and eveything disappears when the camera is plugged. We have tried some other configuration changes with color space etc. but without success. In any case I think a wrong color space affects the picture but should not break it completely.

Basically we tested the proposed solutions pages 51-59 in ADV7604 HW RvF Aug'10.pdf. In some cases we read 480 in the FIELD_0_HEIGHT of the HDMI Map, sometimes very big numbers such as 4096...


As an additional development, we have integrated in our system the RX module (+ the common parts needed) taken out of the TV 1.4 application example. But we stop exactly at the same point, the blackmagic interface is ok, the camera does not work. In attachment also the calls made to the api to configure the receiver.


Does anybody have an idea what may be missing or wrong, or the difference that may exist between the two devices ?


Many thanks in advance