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[ARM core] Interrupts not working after reloading from emulator

Question asked by romainht on Feb 10, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2017 by nithya.koch


when I debug my ezkit-sc573 development board using ICE2000 emulator, sometimes interrupts seem not to work properly.

  1. If I run my program just after resetting the board using the reset button, everything always works fine.
  2. But if I stop my program and reload it, interrupts do not work anymore.

The GICCPU1_RUN_PRIO starts with a value of 0xFF in the case 1, but with a value of 0xF0 in the case 2 (my program configures a timer with 0xF0 interrupt priority), so maybe the GIC is to blame. But I did not find a way to reset it from my software.

Moreover, it seems that although the "Reset core before load" is checked in my debug configuration, it has no effect.


Do you have a solution ?