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Some problem with AD9548 Eval software tuning word logger

Question asked by eggcar on Feb 10, 2017

Hey guys,

I'm using an AD9548 evaluation board and all works well but the 'Tuning Word Logger'. It just didn't work at all, when I clicked the start button, a new GUI window appears and said 'Capturing Data', and nothing happened since then. Not a single data was logged in the csv file and the GUI appeared no sample was captured. The status polling was enabled. Tried sereval interval values and log folder, none of them works.

Already searched the forum and still can't work with it.

Software version is 2.0.2. I've tried on windows-10 64bit and windows-7 64bit systems. The eeprom of the usb chip on the eval board was updated with the official tool.

snapshot of the software GUI


Thanks for your help