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AD1974 96kHz Sample Rate setting

Question asked by Osamu on Feb 10, 2017
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I want to 96KHz sample rate. But AD1974 doesn't output on the following condition.

 Sampling freq:96kHz
 BCLK:External 6.144MHz
 LRCLK:External 96kHz
 Data Format:stereo I2S:Lch High

PLL and Clock Control 0 : 0x98
PLL and Clock Control 1 : 0x00
AUXPORT Control 0 : 0x00
AUXPORT Control 1 : 0x00
AUXPORT Control 2 : 0x00
ADC Control 0 : 0x60
ADC Control 1 : 0x00
ADC Control 2 : 0x04


At 48KHz sample rate was no problem.
Where is the problem with the setting?


"For example, if the AD1974 is programmed in 256 × fS mode, the frequency of the master clock input is 256 × 48 kHz = 12.288 MHz. If the AD1974 is then switched to 96 kHz operation (by writing to the SPI port), the frequency of the master clock should remain at 12.288 MHz (128 × fS)."
I expected to run from the data sheet.


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