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ISE project of AD9649 ref-design

Question asked by Okamoto on Feb 10, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2017 by Okamoto

Hello support team,


My customer will design interface and controll logic of FPGA for AD9648. We couldn't find Ref-Design for AD9648 in Analog Devices Wiki site. We knew it isn't supported in FPGA ref-design of ADI.

Is that correct?
Then we found AD9649 ref-design as similar as AD9648 on Ref-Design page. That project file of hard ware side is consisted EDK tool. And the main I/F module of AD9649 has been generated as "axi_ad9649" pcore.
I think it designed(coding, simulation, debug) by ISE tool.
Is that correct?
If both YES, could you provide the ISE project? Customer would like to refer to standard design.

Please reply to answer for this customer's request.


Best Regards,
Takashi Okamoto
Avnet K.K.